MPEG-H AUDIO Licensing
MPEG-H AUDIO Licensing

MPEG-H Patent Licensing:

Here you will find a constantly evolving library of information needed for licensing the standard essential patents that will help the community of interest rapidly adopt and integrate next generation audio capabilities into their operations.

MPEG-H TV Audio System Patent Administration:

The program currently includes patents that are based on a comparatively small but still powerful subset of the MPEG-H 3D Audio standard.

Program Structure

The licensing program is based on a per-unit royalty, with annual volume discounts for manufacturers of both professional and consumer hardware and software. No patent royalty will apply to the content as such, and therefore no royalty accrues for producing, transmitting, or distributing content under this license program. The pricing structure has been developed to enable a fast and cost efficient implementation of ATSC 3.0.

MPEG-H TV Audio System License Agreement

For more information on the details of the program, please send your request to

MPEG-H TV Audio System Program Pricing

(per complete device with annual reset)
Per complete device fee
(in U.S. dollars)
For first 1 to 500,000 units $0.99
For units 500,001 to 1,000,000 $0.76
For units 1,000,001 to 2,000,000 $0.59
For units 2,000,001 to 5,000,000 $0.45
For units 5,000,001 to 10,000,000 $0.35
For units 10,000,001 to 20,000,000 $0.29
For units 20,000,001 to 50,000,000 $0.24
For units 50,000,001 to 75,000,000 $0.18
For units 75,000,001 and more $0.15