MPEG-H AUDIO ALLIANCE - The Next-Generation System for Interactive and Immersive Sound
MPEG-H AUDIO ALLIANCE - The Next-Generation System for Interactive and Immersive Sound

MPEG-H Audio at NAB 2016

Interactivity – Immersive sound – Universal delivery:
The future of TV audio


Fraunhofer Booth SU6716

Interaction with on-screen display to adjust audio elements

MPEG-H Audio offers viewers the ability to turn up or down particular audio elements in a program - such as dialogue or sound effects - as they prefer.

At NAB 2016, Fraunhofer will present the first professional broadcast encoders available to the industry that support MPEG-H Audio. MPEG-H Audio enables immersive and interactive sound in next-generation UHDTV broadcast systems, such as ATSC 3.0.With MPEG-H Audio, broadcasters and streaming services can deliver the future of video streaming and TV audio at comparably low bit rates in a cost-effective manner.

The MPEG-H Audio system is designed to work with today’s broadcast and streaming equipment and is under consideration for the ATSC 3.0 audio standard. Features including object-based and immersive audio allow viewers to adjust the sound mix to suit their preferences, improving the level of realism for the overall audio experience. MPEG-H Audio will also tailor sound for optimal playback on a range of devices and environments, providing “universal delivery”.

Fraunhofer IIS will show real-time encoding and decoding at NAB along with the authoring and rendering of the new TV audio system. A combination of audio/video content will be broadcast to a set-top box for playback for visitors to experience the new interactive and immersive features in a living room environment. Fraunhofer IIS will also demonstrate a new prototype 3D soundbar for convenient playback of 3D sound in any living room without requiring the installation of a 3D loudspeaker setup.

New products have been developed for broadcast and streaming service providers to maximize the benefit of the features of MPEG-H Audio, and the following new products will be on display at the Fraunhofer booth:

  • Professional Broadcast Encoders
  • 3D Audio Content Production tools: 3D Reverb and Panning Plugin and MPEG-H Production tool for Authoring and Metadata Generation


Qualcomm will demonstrate MPEG-H at Meeting Room S213LMR.


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